In 2013 China connector market forecast2

Date:2013-12-28 From:亚尔凯电子 click:1717
Over the years, connector industry achieved steady development in China. In addition to the low labor costs, the provincial government also by providing cheap land lease and preferential policies to attract investment. As a result, good market environment attracts many connectors manufacturers invest in China. Connector industry is using machine vision to the earliest product testing industry. Is mainly due to the fast new product introduction and the original product life cycle is relatively short, which requires the production program can quickly adapt to the challenges. In order to enhance competitiveness, manufacturers will tend to adjust the existing production equipment is used to deal with the challenges of the new product. Therefore, product equipment requirements has considerable flexibility and stability. At present, China's plug and socket products are mainly used in personal computers, laptops, handheld devices, mobile phones and MP3 players. In the next few years, consumer electronic demand will continue to promote Chinese connector products. Laptops, mobile phones and hand